Let the ritual of the savage begin! This is a branding project for a rum-infused iced tea series based on popular Tiki-bar recipes. This non-alchoholic beverage is a great way to enjoy an exotic work-safe "Tiki-bar moment" without the hangovers. The ceramic loose leaf tea cannisters are inspired by collectible tiki mugs for the extra nostalgic look.

The naming convention for the tea flavors will take its inspiration from popular exotica music of the Tiki culture:
  • Quiet village (Mai Tai recipe)
  • Taki Rari (Rum Runner recipe)
  • Beyond the Reef (Painkiller recipe)
  • Jungle Drums (Navy Grog recipe)
  • Voodoo Dreams (Zombie recipe)

Modelling: Blender, Zbrush.
Textures: Photoshop
Render setup: Blender (Cycles render engine).