The Dathomirian

This is my tribute to one of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars Universe and one of my favourites in the series (despite the fact that he did not get much of a story arc in Phantom Menace). This is also my first attempt to re-create a movie character. Unlike characters of my own creation, this one is a bit more challenging in that there are limitations imposed on the amount of "artistic license" I can get away with. So this is a practice project for me to see how close I follow character design templates. However, I did change his eyeballs a bit to give it more depth and refraction (i.e. less "psychotic"). My goal is to add some more dimension to the character's personality through his gaze. I've used Blender for modelling work here, more than before. And I've also tried out Blender's native node-based compositor for the final render as well.

Modelling: Maya, Blender, Zbrush.
Textures: Photoshop
Hair effects: Blender hair particles (eye-lashes)
Render layers, compositing, and shader-node setup: Blender (Cycles render engine).

"Duel of Fates Prelude"

"Sith Temple Sentry"

"Leap in the Dark"