Digital Design Diploma (Motion Graphics)
Vancouver Film School - August 2016
HTML 5 Intermediate
BCIT - part-time studies - June 2014
Masters of Applied Arts
Emily Carr University - September 2009
Bachelor of Media Arts (Animation)
Emily Carr University - May 2000
Bachelor of Science (Biology: Zoology)
The University of British Columbia - May 1995

Professional Work

Motion Desginer Contract - Training Port.
Nov 2016 to present
I worked as a motion designer making instructional videos for the aviation industry, using a combination of 2d / 3d animation and modelling. I also worked with making game engine 3d and 2d assets for the interactive courses.
Contract Artist - NGX Interactive.
Feb 2017 to March 2017
I was a part of a small team of artist / animators that worked on an animated mural projection as part of Science World’s Canada 150 exhibit. I also worked on some interactive icon animations for The Biosphere exhibit in Montreal.
Contract Artist - Fantasticat Productions.
June 2014 to August 2016
A member of a small team of artists on the independent film "Creamers". I worked on 3D layouts, animations effects, and digital ink / paint.
Art Director / Design Supervisor - Twinkle Enterprises Ltd.
May 2003 to August 2015
I designed product blueprints using 3D (from 2D drafts) to be used by overseas manufacturer as a guide for prototyping. I created artwork and designs for magazine ad layouts, catalogues, and posters for company promotions. I designed the layout display for the company's tradeshow booth, as well as the marketing materials (e.g. brochures, cards, singage) for it. For special projects, I supervised and mentored a team of artists, and set up technical workshops and tutorials.
Publishing Artist (Contract) - US Games Systems, Inc.
Jan 2003 to Feb 2005
This is a publishing contract for a set of 78 card deck (published February 2005). I created the artwork and design for all 78 cards based on historical research. I also collaborated with the writing of a booklet that accompanies the cards.
Keyframe Animator/Texture Effects Artist - Tubes Studios Ltd.
Jan 2001 to Sep 2002
I was a keyframe animator for the series "Fred the Caveman". And for the series "Inuk", I was part of the pre-production team as a texture artist, where I worked with the technical director and art director to simulate the look of graphic artist Marc Tetro using custom textures and shaders in Softimage.
Infographist 3D Artist/Key-frame Animator - TVA International
Aug 2000 to Dec 2000
I was an animator on TVA's Xcalibur Project, a 3D computer animated series aired on YTV. I incorporated key frame animation techniques to motion capture date for some of the key characters and did keyframe animation for a dragon sidekick.
Assistant Animator/Layout - National Film Board of Canada
May 1999 to Jul 2000
I started this job as an intern for credits and eventually got hired into the production team. I worked on a live action/animation video "Safer World" which was part of an educational package to be distributed to school districts across Canada. I created 3D layouts (modelling for visualization, and camera moves) and special effects (glows and lighting) . I also worked as an in-between assistant for frame by frame animation
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